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Southern Smoke N Sip | Back Outside


1. Back Outside 4:12



“Embark on a sonic journey with San Antonio’s own hip-hop maestro, Blackoutt, as he unveils his latest musical triumph – ‘Back Outside.’ Presented by REAL LIFE MUSIC, OVATIME HUSTLE GANG MUZIK, ZP ENTERPRISES, UMG, and C&D Films, this album is a testament to Blackoutt’s signature high-energy style. Following a string of electrifying releases, ‘Back Outside’ emerges as a true anthem, delivering the exuberant, jump-around, turn-up sound we’ve come to love from this Southern Texas native. With infectious fun and a celebratory vibe, this album and its accompanying video make an unequivocal statement – we are officially ‘Back Outside!’ Get ready to immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Blackoutt and experience the joyous energy that only a true hip-hop artist can deliver.” 🎤🚀


Artist: Blackoutt
Release Date: January 01, 2022
Genre: Hip Hop
People: blackoutt

"Blackoutt's 'Back Outside' is a sonic explosion of energy and euphoria that reaffirms his position as a Southern Texas hip-hop luminary. The album, presented by REAL LIFE MUSIC, OVATIME HUSTLE GANG MUZIK, ZP ENTERPRISES, UMG, and C&D Films, encapsulates the essence of joyous celebration. Each track is a testament to Blackoutt's mastery of crafting infectious beats and delivering verses that invite listeners to immerse themselves in the exuberant spirit of 'Back Outside.' This release is a musical triumph that solidifies Blackoutt's status as a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop scene."

Rhythmic Revelations Magazine Magazine

"In 'Back Outside,' Blackoutt orchestrates a musical spectacle that is nothing short of exhilarating. The album, presented by an impressive roster of collaborators, encapsulates the thrill of turning up and letting loose. Blackoutt's magnetic energy reverberates through each track, offering a sonic journey that is as infectious as it is invigorating. 'Back Outside' is a testament to Blackoutt's ability to blend artistry and entertainment, delivering an album that will undoubtedly be the soundtrack to countless celebrations."

Sonic Surge Review Magazine

"Blackoutt's 'Back Outside' is a vivacious ode to joy and celebration that radiates with the essence of Southern Texas hip-hop. Collaboratively presented by REAL LIFE MUSIC, OVATIME HUSTLE GANG MUZIK, ZP ENTERPRISES, UMG, and C&D Films, the album is a tapestry of high-energy beats and uplifting lyrics. Blackoutt's distinct sound and dynamic delivery shine through, creating an immersive experience that invites the listener to fully embrace the revelry. 'Back Outside' is a musical triumph that not only marks a return to celebration but establishes Blackoutt as a maestro of feel-good hip-hop."

Harmony Heights Productions Producer
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Southern Smoke N Sip | Back Outside

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