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Advertising Cost Menu:

Reason for Advertising: The SSNS Festival offers an unparalleled opportunity for event participants to showcase their brands, products, and official event involvement to a diverse audience. Our advertising options are designed to provide extra promotion, highlighting your brand and offerings, and maximizing your visibility before, during, and after the event. Each advertising item is carefully curated to ensure effective promotion and engagement, with attendees and future attendees.

A lot of these was once available for Free but due to vendors need to be highlighted or wanting to be highlighted quickly verses when the organizer can do it cost efficiently. So now this is a cost we was going to take on as an organizer expense outside of the standard mass uploads. These uploads was going to be done when it was best for the organizer and may change based on unforeseen conditions. So to make it were these participants that want and need to be highlighted in advance of the event organizer uploads.

Detailed Menu Page Description:

  1. Website Upload – $10
    • Upload your profile & content to the event website within 14 days.
    • Ensure timely display of your information to event attendees browsing the website.
  2. App Upload – $25
    • Get your profile & content uploaded to the event app within 14 days.
    • Your brand and products will be easily accessible to attendees through the event’s mobile application.
  3. Rushed Upload – $40
    • Priority profile & content upload within 4 hours to 48 hours.
    • Swift updates to both the website and app for urgent promotions or last-minute changes.
    • Quick Corrections, Quick Updates, & Quick Additions
  4. On-Site App Alerts – $35
    • Broadcast sales at specified times & brand push.
    • Additional visibility by having your sales and brand promotions announced through the event app to attendees.
  5. Geo Location Alerts – $40
    • Send an alert notice to attendees every time they are near a vendor’s booth placement.
    • Attract attendees to your booth by sending targeted notifications based on their location within the event venue.
  6. Social Media Post – $10
    • Posting that they are an official vendor, artist, competitor, auto meet up participant on social media.
    • Increase online presence by having your participation highlighted on the event’s official social media channels.
  7. Menu App Uploads (Vendors Only) – $10
    • Give customers an advance look at vendor menus on vendor profiles.
    • Showcase menu offerings on your vendor profile in the event app to attract more customers.
  8. Menu App Notification – $20
    • Push notification that will let attendees see your menu.
    • Capture attendees’ attention with push notifications highlighting your menu offerings directly on their mobile devices.
  9. App Banners (Lower Third) – $50
    • Clickable banner across the bottom of the screen in 1 or multiple locations in the app.
    • Maximize exposure with strategically placed clickable banners in the event app.
  10. App Banners (Full Screen Banner) – $100
    • Clickable banner across the entire screen in 1 or multiple locations in the app.
    • Make a bold statement and attract attention with full-screen banners prominently displayed in the event app.
  11. Website Banners – $25
    • Clickable banner on the website in 1 or multiple locations.
    • Drive traffic to your brand’s website or booth with clickable banners featured on the event website.
  12. Radio Interviews – $150
    • Interview at a radio station about your brand and also highlight your presence at the upcoming SSNS Festival.
    • Reach a broader audience through radio interviews promoting your brand and participation in the event.
  13. General Marketing – $20
    • Boost social media posts and run ads about your participation at the upcoming festival. Participant provides ad budget.
    • Increase reach and engagement with targeted social media campaigns tailored to your brand.
  14. Graphic Design – $20
    • Creation of banners for participants. Participants must supply logos, photos, and Call to Action.
    • Let our expert designers create visually stunning banners to effectively showcase your brand and offerings to event attendees.
  15. Song Upload (Artist Only) – $20
    • Track upload to their profiles on the website and schedule page.
    • Showcase your music to event attendees by uploading your tracks to your artist profile on the event website and schedule page.
  16. After Event Social Post – Price Based on unique Campaigns
    • Promote yourself for up to 3 months after the event. 1 Post Weekly for 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months.
    • Keep the momentum going post-event with weekly social media posts highlighting your brand.
  17. After Event Notification – Price Based on unique Campaigns
    • Promote yourself for up to 3 months after the event.
    • Stay top-of-mind with attendees by sending targeted notifications featuring your brand for 1, 2, or 3 months post-event.

All you Business marketing needs such as:

Graphic Design – Logo’s, Flyers, and more

Website Design

Ticketing Platform Access (FREE Access)

Marketing Campaigns

Flyer & Poster Printing

Custom Promotional Tents

Banners – Vinyl, Fabric, and Roll Up Banners – Any Sizes

Mobile App’s – For Events, Vendors, Artists, and more

Carnival Bookings – Rides, Games, and More

Business Event Management – Booking for more events using our network to get you exclusive pricing for entry

Event Planning


Business Funding

Marketing Consulting

La Creme Team – Joining the Team you are give opportunity to be apart of all La Creme Events at Discounted Price

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