Our Charity Donation

Join us in making a difference – Supporting Military Vets, Youth, and Empowering Communities

At SSNS Festival, we believe in the power of giving back, and our commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond the vibrant festivities. We are proud to announce our dedicated support to two incredible charitable organizations: The Wounded Warriors Project and World Lolei Incorporated. Through various initiatives during the festival, we aim to raise funds and awareness for these causes that are close to our hearts.

Why Support SSNS Festival:

    • Honoring Our Heroes: Your support contributes to The Wounded Warriors Project, aiding our wounded veterans in their journey to recovery and well-being.
    • Empowering Women: SSNS Festival also focuses on empowering women through donating to organizations that provides help in sectors such as education, skills development, financing, and community initiatives. Your support helps uplift and inspire.
    • Youth Culinary Programs: World Lolei Incorporated is committed to nurturing culinary talent among the youth. By attending the festival, you contribute to programs that provide valuable skills and opportunities for young chefs.

How Your Support Makes a Difference:

    • BBQ Competitor Contributions: BBQ competitors participating in our event will have the opportunity to sell their extra food, with 100% of the proceeds going to their chosen SSNS charity.
    • 5% Festival Profits: A portion of the SSNS Festival’s overall profits will be allocated to both The Wounded Warriors Project and World Lolei Incorporated, ensuring a meaningful and sustainable impact.
    • Attendee and Sponsor Donations: All attendee and sponsor donations will be directly channeled to our supported non-profit organizations, creating a collective force for positive change.

Be a part of something bigger. Support SSNS Festival and contribute to our mission of making a lasting impact on the lives of those in need. Your participation, whether as an attendee, sponsor, or BBQ competitor, helps us build a community focused on giving back.

Join us in celebrating music, food, and philanthropy at SSNS Festival. Purchase your tickets now and make a difference!

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