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Southern Sonic Symphony: A Triad of Unforgettable Stages

Prepare for an auditory extravaganza like never before at the Southern Smoke N Sip Festival 2024! Our three stages promise non-stop music and entertainment, creating a sonic landscape that caters to every taste.

Stage 1: Hip Hop Haven Dive into the rhythmic beats and electrifying flows as Stage 1 becomes a haven for hip hop enthusiasts. Featuring a mix of popular and upcoming acts, this stage showcases the raw talent and innovation of the hip hop genre, creating an atmosphere that pulsates with energy and creativity.

Stage 2: Country Crescendo Get ready for a country music spectacular on Stage 2, our main stage. Stay tuned for the announcement of some of the finest bubbling country artists who will grace this platform. From heartwarming ballads to boot-stomping anthems, Stage 2 will resonate with the soulful sounds of country, creating an unforgettable experience for all country music aficionados.

Pop Palooza Step into the world of pop on Also Stage 2, where a vibrant and diverse lineup awaits. This stage transcends genres, featuring pop bands, comedians, and two DJs spinning the Top 200 tunes and classic hits we all know and love. It’s a pop palooza that guarantees to keep you dancing and laughing throughout the festivities.

Bonus Entertainment:

With a surprise concert element on Friday Night between 7pm to 11pm. This artist will be large country act performing for Friday attendees and Weekend pass purchasers. We suggest you get your passes early and lock in the early bird pricing as soon as tickets are available.

Catch the Sonic Wave

From the booming beats of hip hop to the soulful twang of country and the infectious melodies of pop, the Southern Sonic Symphony promises an eclectic blend of musical flavors. With each stage curated to perfection, attendees will find themselves swept away in a harmonious journey that celebrates the diverse tapestry of musical expression. Get ready to catch the sonic wave at the Southern Smoke N Sip Festival – where every note is a celebration!

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