Taylor Branch and the Lone Star Ramblers

From the confines of Gatesville, Texas, emerges a musical force to be reckoned with — Taylor Branch and The Lone Star Ramblers. With a relentless energy that electrifies audiences and lyrics born from the crucible of life’s trials, this dynamic ensemble is making waves across the Lone Star State.

In the scorching summer of 2019, Taylor Branch made a pivotal decision to fully commit to his musical vision. With a fresh perspective and a revamped lineup, The Lone Star Ramblers embarked on a journey to carve out their distinctive sound — a fusion of Texas country soul, rock ‘n’ roll grit, and the spirit of Lone Star beer.

“We’re not promised tomorrow, and I’m grateful for every moment we have to share our music,” Taylor declares with unwavering conviction. “When we step onto that stage, we leave it all out there. People deserve nothing less, and we’re here to deliver.”

Fuelled by a passion for authentic storytelling and a commitment to giving their all, Taylor Branch and The Lone Star Ramblers deliver performances that leave audiences exhilarated and craving more. With each chord struck and every lyric sung, they invite listeners on a journey through the heartland of Texas, where life’s triumphs and tribulations are woven into the fabric of their music.

1st Annual
Southern Smoke N Sip | Taylor Branch and the Lone Star Ramblers

Welcome to the Southern Smoke N Sip Festival & Cookoff Competition, where culinary mastery, mixology magic, and automotive elegance converge in a spectacular celebration!