World Lolei Incorporated

World Lolei Incorporated

In the heart of Bexar County, World Lolei Incorporation stands tall as a beacon of hope and empowerment. Founded in 2014 by Chef Milas E Williams and Detrick Williams, this 501(c)3 nonprofit organization has been dedicated to uplifting at-risk youth and their families through various impactful initiatives.

At the forefront of their endeavors is the Annual Junior Chef Competition, a culinary arts extravaganza now in its 8th year. This event goes beyond teaching kitchen skills; it instills in the average youth the belief that they are life’s perfect recipe. The organization’s commitment to youth empowerment extends to the Annual Youth Empowerment Thanksgiving Dinner, a yearly gathering that not only feeds the community but also imparts essential table etiquette and fosters family bonding.

During the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic, World Lolei Inc. exemplified true compassion by providing financial assistance to families in need, offering monthly support and aiding with utilities and rental assistance in Bexar County. The Recipe to Life Culinary Arts classes further demonstrate the organization’s dedication to community service.

World Lolei’s leadership, with Milas E. Williams as President/CEO, Detrick M. Williams as Vice President/Chairman, Latoya Thomas as Director of Operations, and Burrell Parmer as Chief Financial Director, continues to spearhead initiatives that make a lasting impact. As they look to the future, World Lolei Inc. is gearing up for new programs in collaboration with the Bexar County Juvenile Probation division, aiming to guide and enlighten the youth towards a brighter path.

World Lolei Incorporation’s mission, inspired by 2 Corinthians 9:8, is to make grace abound towards all, ensuring sufficiency in all things and abounding in every good work. In their unwavering commitment to humanity, World Lolei Incorporation welcomes all to join them in nurturing greatness and making a positive impact in the lives of those they touch.

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Welcome to the Southern Smoke N Sip Festival & Cookoff Competition, where culinary mastery, mixology magic, and automotive elegance converge in a spectacular celebration!